My first observations of Donald Trump as President.

First of all, President Trump has a tough job, a very tough job.  But as you all know, that’s true of any President, but Trump is a different kind of President, he’s one that actually believes that Americans should always come first, and it actually shows in his actions.  During his campaign he was pretty bellicose about Republicans being what he called “All talk and no action”  And as it turns out, he’s more right about that than I thought he was.  Congressional Republicans don’t seem to be willing or wanting to work with him  on things like infrastructure, and Syria, and I’m not sure where they stand on the North Korea threat.  The Republicans in Congress also don’t like Trump’s idea of protecting and preserving American manufacturing jobs.  They call it “protectionist” and decry the practice.  The only protectionism they’re interested in is in protecting their own jobs and corruption.  They just don’t seem to care about the people that voted for them.  Trump, on the other hand is more populist than I thought he was.  And I knew all along that he was a populist type person.  That part of the nation that politicians in both parties like to call flyover country is “fly into” country for Mr. Trump.  And that’s what got voter’s attention the most, particularly in Florida, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan and Wisconson.  Florida Ohio and North Carolina are swing states, but Mr. Trump did the impossible when he won Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin.  This is why President Trump has so many stalwart and staunch supporters and defenders.  He tries very hard to keep his word, and now the people are beginning to see that Congress doesn’t like it, and they’re upset and angry.  Trump doesn’t like seeing people gassed to death with whatever chemical weapons they used in Syria, and he’s no fan of that thug in North Korea, Kim Jong Un.  He’s in the process of getting China to see things from our perspective and he’s actually succeeding.  I didn’t think it was possible, but he proved me wrong.  People want strength from our leaders in Washington, not submission to foreign powers, and they don’t much like the nonsense that says we should give all the others rights that we no longer have.   America is coming back again, but it’s going to take a bit more than just talk from the likes of Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell.  It’s going to take action, and Trump’s going to need to have support of Congress in order to get things done that needs to be done.  Overall, I’m quite satisfied with what he’s been able to do so far.


Donald Trump 2016

I watched part of the Donald Trump rally in Youngstown, Ohio on YouTube as it was being live streamed by through the conservative tree house.  There was something refreshing about this particular rally.   While I didn’t see it all, the part that I did see didn’t have any protesters.  Youngstown, I’m jealous of you.  (just kidding)  You people are showing America how to behave.  Thank you.